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The key to running a successful business and fostering its growth is having all the right tools, vehicles, and equipment at your disposal. But oftentimes, making such purchases can disturb your cash flow. With JSV Capital, you can get quick, easy equipment financing in Miami uniquely tailored to your needs.

From asset-lending, factoring, and leasing, JSV has competitive financing rates that can help you get everything from industrial machinery to merchant POS systems. Let JSV Capital keep you and your business moving!

Equipment Financing

What Is Equipment Financing?

Through a loan or lease, equipment financing is how business owners can acquire software or equipment to grow and sustain their business. Equipment financing affords businesses the ability to purchase machinery with manageable and regulated payments. Payments include interest, and once the payment is satisfied, your business will be the sole owner of the equipment. Like a personal auto loan, you can receive upgraded equipment without needing to pay the full price.

With a lease agreement through JSV Capital, you can return the equipment or continue to lease, if the equipment is in good working condition. You may also choose to purchase the equipment at the end of your lease term.

How Does JSV Capital Equipment Financing Work?

A successful business starts with the right tools and/or vehicles to reach the next level. With JSV Capital, you can get the equipment financing you need to acquire the latest equipment and technology, without disturbing your cash flow. The benefits of working with JSV Capital include:

Commercial Fleet Leasing

If you’re in high demand but short of vehicles, JSV can help you obtain leasing or financing for the vehicles you need to expand your commercial fleet. 

Restaurant Equipment Financing 

Opening a restaurant is a risky business, and with statistics showing that half of restaurants close within their first year, keeping it afloat can be daunting. If you’ve made it past those odds, you might consider upgrading your kitchen equipment with JSV Capital.

Office Equipment Financing 

Offices both new and old can’t avoid the inevitable upgrades in technology and office equipment. With JSV Capital’s stress-free application process, you can get the office equipment you need to keep operations running smoothly. 

Construction Machinery Financing 

When you have the right equipment in contracting, you’ve already done half the work. JSV Capital can get you the economical financing you need for the latest upgrades in equipment.

Medical Equipment Financing 

Technology and equipment in the medical industry are always improving. When your practice has the latest in technology and equipment, your patients get optimum care and your practice gets a competitive edge. Medical equipment can carry a hefty price tag, but with JSV, you can upgrade through our simple equipment financing options.

Our Business Funding Advantage

Quick and Easy application process
Terms ranging between 1 and 7 years
Rates between 8.99 – 25%
Approval within 24 to 48 hours
Approvals up to 100% of equipment value
Monthly payment options
No Pre-Payment Penalties

What Do I Need to Qualify for a Loan?

1 year in business
550+ Credit Score
All industries welcome
Invoice for equipment you are interested in purchasing
$180,000+ in annual revenue

How to Apply

Send us your past 3 months of business bank statements
A dedicated JSV Capital Funding Specialist will reach out to discuss your options

What Do I Need To Apply For Equipment Financing?

We at JSV Capital believe in putting our clients first, and that’s why we’ve created a quick and easy application process for loans. Potential borrowers should be in business for one year, have a credit score of 550+, and an annual income of $180,000.

How Big Of A Loan Can I Get?

The amount of your loan depends on how much your business brings in, along with a few other factors that a committed loan specialist at JSV can help you navigate. Talk to a JSV Capital representative today about your financial options!

Get Your Equipment Loan Today

JSV Capital is an equipment financing company that believes in putting our customers first. That’s why we offer a seamless and quick application process for loans. If you’re getting a commercial machinery loan to finance your business equipment, you can get up to 100% of the value. We don’t make our customers jump through hoops for approval. You can get assistance from our experienced loan experts without any obligation to get started.

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We are one of the most trusted sources for merchant cash advances. Unlike most lending companies, JSV Capital provides access to quick and affordable small business funding options for all types of businesses.
Like you, JSV Capital is a small business, and we take pride in helping our neighbors secure the financing they need to grow and achieve success. Contact a reputable loan consultant at JSV Capital about how we can help you and your business get funding today.

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