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When in need of funds, many small business owners will look to loan options, but don’t always have a grasp on where to start. Obtaining a loan should be easy, but for many it adds stress to the already hectic parts of keeping a business afloat.

At JSV Capital, we understand that financing solutions should remain simple. No matter your industry, our team of loan specialists will help you determine the correct funding solutions for your business going forward. One loan option that remains favored by many business owners is the SBA loan.

What Is a SBA Loan?

An SBA loan is a type of small business loan that is partially guaranteed by the Small Business Administration of the Federal Government. Simply put, the SBA works with traditional banks and other approved financial institutions that lend money to small businesses.

Traditional banks often consider lending to small businesses as a high risk. However, the SBA partially guarantees the loan— meaning that up to 85 percent of the loan can be covered. This creates a lower risk for banks, allowing them to more frequently loan to small businesses.

For you, this means more frequent loan qualification and better terms on them. SBA loans can be used to assist business owners with their expenses. The capital provided can be used for staff, equipment and much more.

SBA Loans at JSV Capital

Unlike traditional lenders, JSV Capital provides tailor-made loans specifically for you and your business with the following features:

Automatic Fixed Payments
Your SBA loan will be set up with recurring, automatic payments. The automatic deduction will be taken from your business banking account weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This convenient feature removes the risk of missing a payment— improving your credit score in the process. This is also helpful for securing future loans.

Term Options and Interest Rates
At JSV Capital, our repayment options for SBA loans go for up to 10 years. Interest rates on those repayments vary according to your qualifications as a borrower and the type of loan you applied for. With SBA loans, you can secure an APR as low as 6.5 percent. This allows you flexibility and comfort within your repayment schedule.

Competitive Terms
SBA loans have rates and fees that are comparable to more traditional loans, but with the added safety net of what comes with an SBA loan. For many small business owners, SBA loans greatly improve business by offering competitive terms with low risk.

Inquire About Our Business Loan Programs

When it comes to cash advancements, we at JSV Capital are one of the most trusted and reliable sources around. Unlike other often predatory lenders, our loan specialists provide small businesses with access to efficient funding for a variety of business types.

At JSV Capital, we too are a small business, so we understand your needs and goals better than other lenders. We work to provide you with funding that gets you off the ground and secures a lucrative business for the foreseeable future.

Need An SBA Loan?

For more than a decade, we at JSV Capital have provided financing for small businesses not just in New Jersey, but across the continental US. We design our loans with strengthening your business at the forefront and offer quick payment options so that you can secure funds fast. Our lengthy terms, fixed payments and low interest rates prove that we have your best interest in mind.

After submitting your application with us, one of our expert loan specialists will assist you in securing a loan that works with the goals of your business.

Qualifying for a SBA Loan

Before applying for an SBA loan, it is important to check if you meet the suggested requirements for our services:

  • 2+ years in business
  • Surpass $100,000 in annual revenue
  • 680+ personal credit score for the owner of the business

How to Apply

Send jsv your business' previous 12 months bank statements
A dedicated JSV Capital Funding Specialist will reach out to discuss your options

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No cost to apply. Applying will not impact your credit score.

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